DIY Kits for Amber Jewelry

Create your own unique Baltic amber jewerly. Beads, clasps, tools.

Custom Baltic amber jewelry

Baby Beads made of 100% natural Baltic amber.

The world of do-it-yourself amber jewelry has really stepped up its game. Thanks to all the creative craft bloggers out there, you can learn how to make the kind of amber jewelry you see in boutiques — and start sporting arm parties in no time. Unleash your creativity today!

Loose beads for amber jewelry DIY project

Loose amber beads ready for jewelry making

Get DIY crafting and amber jewelry ideas, like how to make amber earrings, amber necklaces, amber bracelets for you and your baby. One of the best things about making personalized amber jewelry is that you can make it your own. Making your own amber jewelry is not only a fun and addictive hobby, but it also has the added benefit that you get to wear what you create!

Twist clasps for amber jewelry making

Twist clasps for amber jewelry making (for bracelets, necklaces etc.)

Create your unique custom custom amber jewelry online and start selling online of Etsy, eBay, Facebook or in your own store or boutique!