Baltic AMBER TEETHING necklaces

Baltic amber baby teething necklace for boys and girls

Baltic amber beads for teething

Certified Baltic amber teething necklaces are made of 100% natural authentic Baltic amber (succinite)
Butterscotch Baltic amber chip necklace - baby teething beads
Butterscotch amber chip teething necklace
Honey Baltic amber chip baby necklace
Honey amber chip baby beacklace
Red raw unpolished amber teething necklace - Baltic amber
Red raw unpolished amber chip baby teething necklace
Baltic amber baby necklace - bean beads
Bean shape Baltic amber baby necklace
Baltic Amber Necklace - raw amber tube beads
Premium Raw Amber Tube bead Baby necklace
Round Baltic amber beads - cognac color
Premium Round bead baby teething neckace

Best amber teething necklaces

Top 20 amber teething beads
Flat olive polished & unpolished beads
Polished Baltic amber chip beads - honey color with pendant bead
Baroque shape Baltic amber beads in 4 colors: butterscotch, honey, lemon cognac
Premium faceted green amber beads, AAA grade round cherry amber beads
Orange raw unpolished bean shape amber beads
Faceted Baroque amber beads in honey color
Amber bean shape beads in cherry, honey, lemon colors
Gradient raw unpolished Baroque amber beads from honey to cherry colors
Honey Baroque amber beads and gemstone beads
Polished honey Baltic amber chip beads
Cherry semi-polished Baltic amber tube beads
Premium leaf shape beads in cherry, honey, grey lemon colors

Amberizon have designed an exceptional range of Baby Amber Teething Necklaces handcrafted with your precious childs safety & comfort in mind. All of our necklaces are made using 100% natural raw Baltic amber beads. The origin of Baltic amber is Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Many people believe that placing raw Baltic amber in contact with the skin boosts the body’s natural levels of succinic acid.

Amber teething necklace is specially created for babies from 3-4 month old. Baby teething necklace is designed the way to protect baby from choking amber pieces. There is a knot between every bead of amber necklace. Amber teething necklace is a traditional baby teething remedy. A natural analgesic, amber used for centuries in Europe. Wearing Baltic amber close to the skin will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of Baltic amber are perfect to soothe teething babies. Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing as amber exhibits its pain relieving qualities when worn on the skin. Please use caution and supervise your child while using the necklace!

How does it work? Amber should be worn on the skin. Amber teething necklaces relieve the pain of teething in babies and toddlers when the necklace lays against the skin during the day. Baby necklace is not for chewing or wearing at night!

Very cool looking baby necklaces made of baltic amber gemstone beads that make a very unique gift for both parents and child. Baltic amber has be known to reduce acidity in the human body in a totally natural way. By having the baby wear the necklace everyday it helps reduce the common symptoms related to teething such as; redness in the cheeks, swollen gums, diaper rashes and fevers.

Amber Baby necklaces are very popular in United States, China, Canada, UK/United Kingdom, Brasilia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland.

Genuine Baltic amber is the one of the oldest and most esteemed types of amber worldwide. Our baby necklaces ensure the quality and origin of this Baltic amber.

Teething necklace sizing, bead shape & colors. Infant teething necklaces are made for both baby boys and baby girls! The approximate length of amber baby necklaces is 11.5-12 inches or 30-32 centimeters. The necklace string is knotted between each bead so should the necklace break (which it should if necessary), all of the beads will not be scattered. The color of baby necklaces depends on the style and can be white, honey, butterscotch, cognac, cherry, grey, lemon, golden, green, red also there may polished amber beads or raw amber beads. The bead shape of necklaces can be: baroque, chips, beans, boxes, disks, tablets, coins, round, tubes, flat beans, etc.

Amber teething necklace is a perfect baby gift. Shopping for that perfect baby gift can be a very time intensive and often frustrating. Having a difficult time finding the perfect baby gift because you’re not sure if you are shopping for a baby boy or baby girl? You can end your worries when you choose our beautiful baby necklaces.

Each of our teething necklaces is handmade from natural Baltic Amber material. All amber beads are carefully sorted and inspected to ensure the best quality items. Necklaces are carefully designed for durability and safety.