Amber teething anklets for babies

Baltic amber teething anklets for babies: baby boys and baby girls

BAltic amber aNklet for babies

Unisex baby anklets, baby boy anklets, baby girl anklets, knotted anklets, stretch anklets. Made with genuine Baltic amber beads. Premium quality.

Baltic amber baby anklet is a piece of jewelry worn around the ankle. Nowadays wearing Baltic amber anklet is fashion. Mostly worn by women and girls, but recently also men decorate their ankle. Handcrafted baby anklets are the perfect complement to any lifestyle. Amberizon offers certified High-Quality Baltic amber teething anklets that are designed especially for your family.

Baroque Baltic amber baby anklet
Baltic amber baby anklet - dark cognac baroque beads
Raw amber baby teething anklet - healing beads
Unisex baby anklet made with raw honey unpolished unprocessed Baltic amber beads, knotted with clasp
Unpolished Baltic amber baby anklet - raw multicolored beads
Raw unpolished amber baby teething anklet - smooth baroque beads, knotted with barrel clasp
Orange Baltic amber baby teething anklet
Orange raw amber bead baby teething anklet - knotted with barrel clasp
Baltic amber anklet - cognac beans
Baltic amber cognac color baby teething anklet - knotted for extra safety
Baltic amber lemon color round baby bead anklet
Lemon round bead Baltic amber baby anklet - knotted for safety - twist clasp

Shop Amber anklets for babies, teens and adults directly from the manufacturer. Top quality amber anklets for babies, great price. 2020 popular Baby Anklets trends. Discover designer anklets for babies and mothers from Amberizon. Anklet is made of . Size. Colors. Popular with

Baby anklet is made of 100% natural Baltic amber beads, durable nylon cord and a twist clasp. Anklets are knotted between each bead for extra safety. Sizning of baby amber anklet is 13cm/5.1" - newborn size, 14cm/5.5" standard baby (6weeks: 20kg/45lbs), 15cm/5.9" Standard Toddler (9month: 23kg/50lbs), 16cm/6.5" Kid (23kg/50lbs and up), 17cm/ 6.7" teens.

Baltic amber anklets are available in various colors: cherry amber, honey amber, lemon amber, green amber, grey amber, black amber, butterscotch amber, yellow / egg yolk amber. Anklets made with raw unprocessed amber beads are the most effective. Raw amber anklets are made with unpolished amber without any heat treatment.