Stretch and knotted baby amber bracelets

Baby bracelets

knotted with clasp or stretch

Baby bracelets are made of 100% natural Baltic amber.
Baltic amber baby bracelet mix
10 Baby bracelet mix(stretch & knotted with clasp)
Knotted Baltic amber baby bracelet
Lemon/honey baroque/green baby bracelet/anklet (knotted with twist clasp)
Raw & polished amber bead knotted baby bracelet
Cherry amber chip + raw gray bean shape baby bracelet/anklet (knotted with twist clasp)
Green and grey Baltic amber baby bracelet
Baroque amber green to grey baby bracelet (stretch on strong elastic cord)
Premium faceted amber baby bracelet
Premium Faceted cognac amber baby bracelet (stretch on strong elastic cord)
Raw baroque amber bead bracelet
Raw amber baby bracelet, honey, cognac, cherry amber beads (stretch on strong elastic cord)
Baby bracelet - cherry amber beads - beans
Stretch baby bracelet (cherry amber beans)
Baby bracelet - round raw amber beads
Stretch baby bracelet (premium round raw amber beans in honey, cognac, cherry colors)
Baby bracelet - polished premium dark cognac beans
Baby bracelet - knotted with clasp - premium round dark cognac beads
Knotted baby bracelet - green/grey baroque beads
Baby bracelet - knotted with clasp - green/grey baroque shape amber beads
Baby bracelet/anklet - lemon baroque amber beads - lobster clasp
Baby bracelets - knotted with lobster clasp - lemon amber beads - green turquoise beads
Baby bracelet/anklet - red raw amber chips - knotted with clasp
Baby bracelet/anklet - red raw amber chips - raw unpolished amber chip beads

Amber Jewelry for for little babies

Handmade amber jewelry for little babies. Exclusive and affordable Baltic amber beads for babies. Bracelets are made of Baltic amber jewelry is lightweight so it is best suited for babies. Baltic Amber teething bracelets make a real difference in mood while cutting teeth, natural remedy from nature.

Where to buy amber beads for babies/kids?

So, where to get REAL and 100% authentic amber teething bracelet for your baby? Currently we recommend Amberizon baby beads. Currently they offer 200+ styles of bracelets/anklets.

Baby bracelets are popular worldwide

Amber Baby bracelets are very popular in United States, Canada, UK/United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland. Top countries by popularity: USA, Canada, United Kingdom UK, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Check Republic, Finland, France, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Israel, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan, Spain, Iceland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Italy, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Singapore, Argentina, Croatia and other.