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Amber teething necklace is a traditional baby teething remedy. A natural analgesic, amber used for centuries in Europe. Wearing Baltic amber close to the skin will help calm a baby without resorting to drugs. Natural anti-inflamitory and pain relieving properties of baltic amber are perfect to soothe teething babies.

Most popular designs of amber teething necklaces

Multicolored baroque shape bead baby teething necklace
Cognac color amber teething necklace - round beads
Healing sea amber baby teething beads
Cognac color Baltic amber nugget teething necklace
Honey color amber teething necklace
Cognac color amber chip necklace - baby teething beads
Multi colored baltic amber baby teething necklace
Multicolored Baltic amber teething necklace - round beads

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Amber teething necklace is specially created for babies from 3-4 month old. Baby teething necklace is designed the way to protect baby from choking amber pieces. There is a knot between every bead of amber necklace.

Genuine Baltic amber is the one of the oldest and most esteemed types of amber worldwide. Our baby necklaces ensure the quality and origin of this Baltic amber.

Baltic amber teeting necklaces - baby teething remedy

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We offer and unusual selection of baby teething necklaces specially created for babies. These are handmade amber necklaces made from 100% natural genuine authentic Baltic amber.

Very soon we will add at least 10 new designs for baby teething necklaces. At the moment we have several styles to choose from. To see our offer please visit amber teething necklaces page.


Amber teething necklace is a perfect baby gift

Shopping for that perfect baby gift can be a very time intensive and often frustrating. Having a difficult time finding the perfect baby gift because you’re not sure if you are shopping for a baby boy or baby girl? You can end your worries when you choose our bautiful baby necklaces. Here are the reasons why:

  • Amber teething necklaces are made of 100% authentic natural Baltic amber.
  • Amber teething necklaces are used for centuries in Europe as teething remedy.
  • Amber teething necklaces not only look beautiful, but they really work!
  • Natural amber is famous for it's wonderful and unique healing properties.
Baby teething beads - the perfect baby gift!

What is Baltic amber?

Real amber is technically not a gemstone or mineral, but instead is fossilized sap from prehistoric trees that grew as far back as almost fifty million years ago, primarily in Scandinavia and elsewhere around the Baltic Sea. It is generally accepted that the amber from the Baltic region is the world’s finest.

Amber is used to symbolise power, command and authority. It indicates that rewards come through the productive intellect and the harvest of creative faculties. Wearing amber, either as a stone or as a string of beads, brings victory despite competition and opposition.

Jurassic Park movie made Baltic amber famous. The book and the movie used the idea that amber containing an ancient mosquito might be the key to recreating dinosaurs. The basic goal was to remove blood from the gut of a mosquito that had fed on a dinosaur just before being trapped in tree resin which later became amber.

Natural 100% authentic Baltic amber - succinite

Healing properties of Baltic amber

Ancient Germanic tribes such as the Goths, other Nordic peoples, Celts, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Chinese and other peoples valued amber for it's beauty, protection and healing properties. Amber was also called Electra, Bernstein or Northern Gold due to its electrical properties and golden color and was traded far and wide in the ancient world.

This always warm to the touch gem which possesses electrostatic properties was, for centuries, and continues to be utilized for healing purposes. This unusual great power of amber is embedded in its ability to produce negative ions that affects man by easing pain, activating the healing process, and providing protection from harmful radiation. It is worth it to become familiar with amber and have this simple natural ionizer with you at all times.

Healing properties of Baltic amber - amber healing powers!

Special volume discounts

If you are ordering 10 or more necklaces per order we can offer you these volume discounts. But if you are ordering 100 or more amber teething necklaces you will get a special wholesale price.

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We ship amber teething necklaces from Europe (Baltic States) mainly to USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia. However necklaces can be shipped to any country in the world. Please learn delivery fees and time here.

We have buyers of baby necklaces from 45 countries. Our baby teething products are popular in USA, Canada, United Kingdom UK, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Check Republic, Finland, France, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Israel, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan, Spain, Iceland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Italy, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Singapore, Argentina, Croatia and other.

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